Become a Trainer

UNA Exchange expects a lot from its volunteer trainers; the preparation and planning involved is demanding and time-consuming. It is a rewarding experience which can bring new and valuable skills and experiences, which involves you in the very centre of the organisation. Each year we are lucky to attract new volunteer trainers – around 15 per year – who join the Training Teams which go on to deliver the training courses listed in these pages. They give up several weekends per year to have Team meetings, and work in between to prepare sessions and work on the programme.

As a UNA Exchange trainer you can expect to develop your abilities in areas such as time management, planning, communication and presentation skills.

To support volunteer trainers, UNA Exchange runs an annual Training for Trainers (TfT) course at the end of November. Applications for this year's training for trainers are now open, Click here for more information. This course covers the essential skills you need to be a successful trainer. Ideally, TfT participants need to have experience of taking part in at least one UNA Exchange training and have done one activity or project with us.

On the North/South Training Team

"I feel I have finally recovered from total exhaustion after the training weekend. I found that taking on a more supportive/co-ordinating role is much more stressful than training alone. I think we’re at a stage with North/South Training where the content is very strong, and (dare I say) close to ‘ideal’ (still some improvements to make…but there always are!), so I’m expecting my role on to focus very much on the Team’s development, and perfecting the delivery. We had very positive feedback from the participants, the Team seems to complement each other pretty well, and I think last weekend has given us a really strong starting point upon which to build throughout the rest of 2007."

Rachel Gilmore