Volunteer Training

UNA Exchange believes that the training and preparation offered to volunteers plays a very important role in the overall experience that can be gained from international volunteering. By preparing for an activity, participants can be clear about what they hope to gain from it and understand their role in achieving their goals. We offer a comprehensive range of training in all programme areas – leading group projects, volunteering in the global South, long-term volunteering, global education and becoming a trainer.

Our training is very participant-oriented and based on learning through experience. Our trainers are not teachers, they are skilled in facilitating the learning process and it is through working together that participants gain new understanding and skills. All our training is delivered by a combination of paid staff and volunteers and the processes they go through in putting together a training programme is as vital a part of our philosophy as the training they eventually deliver.

Each year approximately 200 volunteers participate in UNA Exchange training programmes. These programmes are all residential courses, designed to reflect the activities that volunteers are preparing for. All aspects of the training, from meals to social activities in addition to the working sessions, are considered a form of preparation and everyone is expected to help make it work.

The following training courses are offered to support volunteers in key activities. Click on the links below for further information:

  • Leaders Training
    To prepare volunteers to lead short-term group projects in Wales and overseas
  • Training for Trainers
    To prepare volunteers to become trainers and lead future training programmes.
  • Global Learning Training
    To prepare volunteers (particularly leaders) to facilitate Global Education activities in the local community.
  • European Voluntary Service (EVS)
    Training Pre-Departure training for those about to leave for another country, and On-Arrival training to welcome new EVS volunteers to Wales.
  • Training for Hosts Training for current and future hosts of volunteers in Wales.

"I have benefited from generally learning more about the projects, organisation and ethos behind UNA Exchange. The most valuable thing about the training programme is that whilst encouraging debate and an open-minded approach, it aims to give you confidence in your own abilities and ideas….important for life in general."

(Leaders Training participant, 2006)