UNA Exchange is a large and dynamic organisation, supporting many hundreds of people to gain amazing international experiences each year. The majority of our work is in Wales, but UNA Exchange volunteers travel to more than 50 countries to participate in local development projects alongside local people.

UNA Exchange is a registered charity, and is not working for financial profit. We are a membership organisation, governed and led by the people with and for whom we work. Active participation by members in the life of the organisation is a key principle of the UNA Exchange membership and it is one which ensures our activities respond to the needs and interests of those who we exist to serve.

UNA Exchange believes in volunteering as a powerful force for change in the world. The skills and experiences gained from sharing time and energy with others play a vital role in personal development. When this happens in an international environment, at home or in another country, the learning contributes to a deeper and more profound view of the world, which leads to an awareness and appreciation of differences and similarities between cultures.

UNA Exchange began life in 1973. We are based at the Temple of Peace and Health, a public building in Cardiff’s civic centre. We have an active membership of over 250 individuals and employ six full-time members of staff. UNA Exchange is governed by a constitution , and a volunteer-led, annually elected, Executive Committee (EC). Our Annual Report and Annual Accounts are filed with the Charity Commission each year.

An experience with UNA Exchange

In remote Thailand I helped out in a school and learnt about sustainable living from Buddhist monks.  After a brief project with disadvantaged children in the suburbs of Moscow, I received training in facilitation and leadership which enabled me to co-lead a group of volunteers to maintain mountain paths in Snowdonia.  

The following year I joined a long-term volunteer from Togo (West Africa) to run a series of informal education sessions about Fair Trade in schools across Wales.  Since then I’ve gone onto become a trustee of the organisation and learnt a great deal about strategic management.

Tim Anfield,
UNA Exchange Trustee