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Welcome to UNA Exchange’s project of the week page. Each year we receive literally thousands of projects from our partner organisations around the world and it can be quite daunting having to scour our database for the perfect project to apply for. That’s why we’ve decided to have a page which recommends a different one each week.

There are some really amazing camps out there this year and we hope that our selection inspire you and make you think about places you hadn’t really considered before. If you have any questions abour volunteering abroad then please email Owain.

Week 2


Code: VJF3.5-10
Country: Germany
Region: Berlin
Title: Krimiweg    
Start date: 09 August 2010
End date: 19 August 2010
Project type: Construction
Ages: 18 - 26
Partner organisation: VJF
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00

Work: Volunteers will live in the “Projekt- und Begegnungsstaette”, which is the meeting and project centre of the Union of Young Volunteers (VJF). It is situated directly on the banks of the lake “Langer See” in Berlin and is surrounded by forest. It’s a beautiful, quiet place, a bit further from the centre of Berlin (but there are good public transport connections). The centre is used as accommodation for different groups of young people, as well as a holiday resort for school classes.

Volunteers help is needed to make the project and meeting centre more attractive for all our visitors - children, teenagers, students, artists and different groups of adults. The volunteers are asked to help repair, renovate and clean the centre, as well as working in the garden.

Location: The project is located around 40 minutes from the centre of Berlin. There are good public transport connections to and from the project site.

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in the centre. Bring a sleeping bag.

Special remarks: TERMINAL : Berlin. ; SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS : None. ; STUDY : None. ; EXTRA FEE : None.


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