Medium-Term Placements

How long: 1-12 months
When: Throughout the year, but principally between June and October
Destinations: 50+ countries worldwide
Activities: Social, Environmental, Youth Work, Arts/Cultural, Language, Sport
Who can apply: Anyone 18+
Cost: £200 (1-3 months), £250 (3-6 months), £300 (6-12 months)

Please note: we are having some technical difficulties with downloadable documents on our website at the moment. If you want to view any document from the list below then please email Owain Iorwerth with your request.

If you want to volunteer for more than a month and really make a difference to the work of a local community organisation, why not join a longer-term project? Volunteering for a longer period of time is a great opportunity to really get to know another country and immerse yourself in a new culture, whilst developing new skills and learning a foreign language.

Longer-term projects last between 1 to 12 months. You may decide on an individual placement, or to work as part of a small team of international volunteers. Projects run throughout the year and there is usually no upper age limit.

There are many kinds of longer-term projects available. For example, you may…

Run informal educational activities at a school in South Korea
Help children with disabilities learn to scuba dive in Turkey
Support a community tree planting programme in India
Co-ordinate several short-term projects helping with turtle protection in Mexico

As with the Short-Term Group Projects, all the longer-term activities are organised by our partner organisations based in the host country.

You can search for a project or download the information from the links below. Also more information on what you can expect, preparation/training requirements and the costs involved is available by contacting the UNA Exchange office.

 Application Forms
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 The North South Programme
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 The Main Programme
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 Please note you may have to write a motivation letter to go with your application form.

 Read through the downloadable project listing documents below to see whether you have to or not.

 Longer term Programmes  Continent/ Country  Partner organisation
North South Programme  Africa  

UPA MTV programme 2008

UPA Guide for Volunteers 2008


KVDA annual MTV programme 2007_2008

GVDA MTV & LTV programme 2008


VWAN Programme 2008

VWAN Project Conditions 2008


UVIKUITA MTV information 2008

  Togo ASTOVOT MTV and LTV Programmes 2008 

ASTOVOT MTV and LTV Infosheet 2008 


FSL LTV Programme

FSL LTV Programme June 2008-May 2009


IIWC MTV Programme 2008


Greenway MLTV Programme 2008

  Central America   
  Guatemala GuaFun MTV Project
  Ecuador Ecuador- chiriboga MTV Programme 2008 
Main Programme Asia   

Japan NICE MTV Programme 2008

IWO MTV 2008

  N America
  Canada  CJ Office MTV March to July 2008
  USA  VFP MTV / LTV Projects 2008


 Leadership MTV Brochure 2008

Concordia MTV Paris Office (+ app form)

Concordia Office MTV in Paris 

CBF LTV Programme

SJ MLTV Programme

Concordia MTV in Aquitaine 2008


Open Houses LTV Programme

  Italy Legambiente 2008 Programme


Three months volunteering in Korea

Having my arms scratched up by metal buckets full of concrete whilst singing away building classroom walls was the initial step to getting me hooked. After international projects in West Africa, weekends digging trails in country parks, setting up student societies, being seduced by training programmes and ending up painted green, dancing away on a farm in the middle of Wales, I can definitely say I hand delivered my soul to the cause a long time ago. I’ve co-led and led my very own team of international agents of change. Amidst the puppets, paint and parties I made some great friends and developed invaluable personal skills along the way.

Most recently I was Medium Term Volunteer (MTV) in South Korea for three months teaching English, drama and games to 7-14 year olds in two alternative schools in the northern district Paju-si. I worked alongside another volunteer from Finland and as a team we embarked upon our project.

Living and working in a different culture and country gives you an insight into a society, which you wouldn’t have as a tourist. I was taken in by a host home and immersed in a haze of newness – Buddhist temples, basketball, farming, traditional drumming and Hangeul (Korean language). After running on a few hours sleep, jet lag, plus a very healthy dollop of that affliction we’re all tarnished with - good ol’ British politeness - I finally settled into a less hectic schedule and enjoyed the land of neon signs where history and modernity stand side by side.

We joined the secondary school on a week-long peace pilgrimage led by two ordained monks. We walked amongst rice fields, lakesides, roads and over mountains. We passed elderly men farming, women picking chillies, and old men drinking soju in the shade. All the way we were learning about the struggle for tolerance, peace and the kindness of human nature. The experience opened my eyes to Korea, gave us a chance to bond with the students and I was truly humbled by people’s kindness, for all our food was donated.

Back at school, our classes were full of blindfolds, role-plays, icebreakers, drawing and team building games. Each day was different, for you have to be flexible to adapt to the different abilities within the class. The students were the best teachers, they taught me to simplify, be patient and enjoy the moment. Following that we were able to have a great Sports Day resulting in all the dads falling over the finish line in the relay, bake apple pie, harvest chestnuts and laugh at ourselves.

The project culminated with the students putting everything they’d learnt into a play in English – Snow White. They painted the scenery, made their costumes and memorised their lines.

With an MTV project you get to see the day-by-day progress over time. I saw shy children get up in front of their peers and family and perform their hearts out.

With the students help I was able to read and converse in basic Hangeul, enough to travel around for a month after the project. Volunteering enables you to take an active role in giving back to the community, and a true understanding of citizenship. It enables you to continually learn and challenge yourself and others.

Lindsey Gowlett, 2006